Creating New Profile

The first time the Radar application is opened after installation, this will be the starting menu where the user is asked to create a new profile for a project. Also, not all buttons will be active because there are not profiles loaded in the application. To create a new profile enter a new Profile Name and in Reports Folder click on the folder icon, to choose the folder were the the reports are being saved. Select the folder where the reports are being saved and click on Select Folder. Once this is done, click on Save, since clicking on Cancel would abort the operation. In this case, the profile created will be used to compare three different housing projects. Once you create the first profile, you will not see the starting window again.

After clicking on Save, the dashboard will show the name of the profile created. To go to the profile click on the Comparison Report button. From there, it is also possible to go to the Project Report dashboard.

To create another profile from this dashboard, click on the Profiles button and hit on Add Profile. The application will open a menu similar as the first one, where the user can introduce the Profile Name and link the Reports Folder.

To delete profiles, click on the Profiles button and click on Delete in the profile to be removed. Notice that only profiles that are not being used can be deleted and at least, there should be a minimum of two profiles to be able to use this function.

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