Dashboard Interface

The Radar dashboard consists of two menus:

  • The Comparison Report dashboard, where the data from different projects is compared, unless there are only reports from one Revit file.

  • The Project Report dashboard, where the data of only one projects is shown including more information than the Comparison Report dashboard.

Both menus contain the same buttons on the top right corner that are the following:

  • Profiles button that allows the user to create, choose or delete a profile.

  • Comparison Report button that opens the Comparison Report dashboard.

  • Open Profile Folder button that opens the folder where the reports of the dashboard are saved.

  • Save to PDF button that transforms the dashboard, whether Comparison Report or Project Report, into a PDF.

  • Central Settings button that controls where the Profiles are being saved.

  • Software Information button that shows the Radar version that is being used.

The Comparison Report dashboard is the default menu. To open any of the Project Report dashboards click on any of the Project Models Names on the top part of the Comparison Report Dashboard. And to come back to the Comparison Report dashboard click on the button for the Comparison Report Dashboard.

To understand the meaning of the items in the Comparison Report dashboard, the user can hover with the mouse over the information icon of some of the items to see a more detailed description of the item. To see the complete definition of each item go here.

It is also possible to hide some of the items in the Comparison Report dashboard. This will not have consequences in the Health Score of each Revit model, as it is explained here. To hide an item hover with the mouse over the left side and click on the X button. To bring the item back to the dashboard, click on the Hidden Items button, on the top left corner and select the items that need to be unhidden.

When the Project Report dashboard is opened, there will be three buttons in the top right corner: Compact, Expanded and the Report Selection button. The Compact button shows a report of the Revit model that contains more information than in the Comparison Report dashboard. The Expanded button shows the same information as the Compact version but displaying all the deployable menus. The deployable menus can be opened by clicking on the arrow located on the top right corner of each of them. If they cannot be deployed because all the information is shown in the default view, the arrow will be grey instead of black. The Report Selection button allows the user to choose reports from previous dates.

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