Health Score and Ranges

Radar incorporates the Health Score parameter on the top row to measure the performance of the Revit models based on all the items analyzed only in the Comparison Report dashboard. The total Health Score is calculated on a of 100 as follows:

  • Text items: graded as 0 if there is not text or 1 if there is text.

  • Boolean items: graded as 0 when it is equal to No (N) or 1 for Yes (Y).

  • Numeric items: graded as 0 for Red items, 0.5 for Amber items and 1 for Green items.

Of these three items, only the rating of Numeric items can be customized through the use of Ranges, so that it can be edited how each item scores: red, amber or green. These items have a range under their name and here the user sets the minimum and maximum value for the Amber value. Below the minimum value, the result will be Green and when it is equal to the maximum value or higher, the result will be Red.

To customize the ranges, click on Edit to set the values for the Amber range. Min is the starting value for the Amber range and Max is the starting value for the Red range. The values can be introduced with the keyboard or using the arrows to the right of the numbers. Once the changes are made, click on the Tick, otherwise it will not be saved. It is also possible to remove an item from the scoring system by selecting the Ignore option. If the Ignore option is active, the numeric values of that item will be visible but their cell will be grey, which means that they are not considered to calculate the Health Score. In the following example, it can be seen how modifying the values of a the amber range of an item can affect the Health Score, as well as the ignoring option.

Bear in mind that hiding items will not have any consequence in the Health Score of a Revit model.

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