Welcome to Yourtools!

This page is an introduction into what Yourtools is, why it exists and a little about how you may want to use it to improve your design efficiency.

What is Yourtools?

Yourtools is our combined Revit and Rhino Toolbox, and is built so that you can turn off all tools you do not want to see. You can also rename tabs and menus, making it precisely your tools.

Activate, move and rename the tools in your toolbox at your own will.

Yourtools currently works on Revit 2019, 2020 and 2021 & Rhino 6 and 7. 2022 is on it's way.

Download Links



Download Yourtools for Revit

  • Close all open Revit Instances

  • Follow the instructions in the MSI and install for the desired versions of Revit

  • Start Revit

Download Metrics for Rhino

  • Close all open Rhino Instances

  • Run the .exe file

  • Start Rhino, Metrics App should automatically load

  • Run the "Get Trial" command

  • Install Grasshopper Plugin (drag & drop plugin folder into GH canvas)

Download Radar

  • Run the .exe app, the installation will be silent

  • Start Radar and point it to your project's sync reports

If you see a Windows Defender SmartScreen popup, please press "More info" and "Run anyway"

More about the tools

You can download the sample files to test Night Runner, Color Parameters, Sync Reports, Align Link, Scope Boxes, Alignments and Views by Scope Box here: