Step 2 - Color Overrides

Investigating the information content.

The Window

The first window looks like this:
The window with the results from our parameter search sets

Color Groups


Each parameter defined gets an independent column. You can edit the parameter values of each group if you need.


The total count of each group.


Each group gets an element override with a given color. You can easily change the color by right-clicking the rectangle. You can also sort the colors by it's hue.
Blue are the feelings



When you close the window, the default functionality is to remove any override from Color Parameters and restore whatever parameters you had in the model. If you'd like to keep your overrides when you close the window, press "Paint" and the changes are made permanent.


This will randomly distribute other colors to your groups.


Select one or several rows and press this button to select the corresponding elements in the Revit user interface.


Refreshes the content of the window. Can also be triggered by pressing F5.

<- Parameters

Not happy with what you picked up? Press "<- Parameters" to redefine your Parameter Search Set.