Project Parameters

The first thing that should be done is create three text project parameters for floors, walls and ceilings. The value of these three parameters will be filled by extracting the information contained in the the material parameters of the bounding elements of rooms. The reason to do this is because the material parameters cannot be reported in schedules and the properties menu of rooms because they are not text parameters. These text project parameters will also appear in the Room Parameters window in the Room Finishes menu the next time that the Room Finishes tool is opened. If the finish material of a bounding surface is modified, the value of the text parameters will not be updated, as it is necessary to run again the Room Finishes plugin. This is because Room Finishes does not link the material parameters to the text parameters.

To create a new text project parameter for floors for example, in Revit go to Manage and then click on Project Parameters. Once inside click on Add. Then follow these steps:

  1. In the Name cell create a name for the parameter, for example "Floor finish". Please, be careful to choose a name that can be easily identified later. If there is already an existing project parameter with a name similar to what is needed, this parameter might have not the correct settings as it may not be a text parameter, so this does not mean that this step can be skipped.

  2. In the Type of Parameter cell select Text.

  3. Introduce a Tooltip Description like "Floor finish for schedule". This is a good practice so that in the future the function of this parameter can be easily identified.

  4. Select always Instance parameter. This allows to have different materials in each room.

  5. In the Categories menu select Rooms.

  6. Click on OK to close the menu and then click on OK again in the Project Parameters menu to save the changes.

Do the same process for "Wall finish" and "Ceiling finish".

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