Rooms Schedule

To visualize the data from the Room Finishes in a Rooms Schedule, first create a Rooms Schedule. The following steps are just an example of how it could be done.

  • In Revit go to the View tab (1) and click on Schedules (2) and then select Schedules/Quantities (3).

  • From the Category menu (1) select Rooms, choose a name for the schedule in the Name cell (2) and click on OK (3).

  • Then Revit will direct the user to the Schedule Properties panel. First, in the Fields tab select the fields for the Rooms Schedule, for example: Name, Level, Number and Count. Also, select the text parameters created before for the room finishes: "Floor finish", "Wall finish" and "Ceiling finish".

  • Now go to the Sorting/Grouping tab (1) and select the following settings (2):

    • Sort by: Level

    • Activate Header

    • Activate Footer and select "Totals only"

    • Activate Blank Line

  • Finally, go to the Formatting tab and in the Fields menu select Count. Set the dropdown menu to "Count totals" and click on OK to create the schedule.

The result will be a schedule like the one shown in the following image where the cells corresponding to Floor finishes, Wall finishes and Ceiling finishes will be empty, since the Room Finishes plugin has not been activated yet.

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