Materials in Rooms Schedule

To introduce the data of the material finishes in the Rooms Schedule go to the Toolbox (1) tab in Revit and click on the Room Finishes icon (2). This will open the menu where the material parameters are associated to the text parameters (Floor finish, Wall finish and Ceiling finish) that were created previously.
  • In the Room Finishes menu first select the parameter material in the Select from Material Parameter dropdown menu that will be included in the Rooms Schedule, "Name" in this case.
  • Now in the Room Parameters menu select the corresponding text parameters (1) to complete the menu on the right (2). Click on the arrow pointing to the right to associate them (3) or the arrow pointing to the left to remove them (4). The plugin does not require to include always these three parameters, as it also works when only one or two text parameters are included.
  • Now in the Levels menu choose the levels where the Room Finishes plugin is going to look for the information about the rooms. In the case of the sample file, just select "Level 2".
  • In case some of the materials do not need to be included in the schedule select them from the Materials to Ignore menu (1). Be aware that this menu only works when "Name" is selected in the Select from Material Parameter dropdown menu (2).
  • In case there are several values of the same parameter associated to the same bounding surface like several material names or description, the Choose Separator cell allows to introduce a separator to divide the text. For example in this case, the " / " separator is used.
  • Finally, click on Save Settings (1) to preserve the changes and then Run (2) to execute the plugin. After this close the menu or move it somewhere else in the screen to see the results. It is also important to save or synchronize the Revit file once the Room Finishes plugin is executed.
The Room Schedule will include the names of the finishes of the bounding elements of the rooms in that specific level.
It is also possible to use the Room Finishes plugin to autocomplete the text parameters created for rooms to visualize the values of the materials in the properties window, without the need to create a room schedule. To do this, just follow the same process described above.
The option of Materials to Ignore cannot be used to clear the values of the text parameters for floors, walls or ceilings. The only way to change the values is by modifying them manually and then executing the plugin again to report the changes in the corresponding text parameter. The other option is to select a different parameter inside the material, for example, if the first time that the tool is used Name was selected, the value of the text parameter for the floor can be modified by selecting Description. In this case, instead of reporting the name of the material, it will report its description. However, this is just a workaround and it is not recommended to do it.
Remember that if the parameter from the Select from Material Parameter menu is empty, Room Finishes will not autocomplete the value of the corresponding text parameters for floor, wall or ceiling. In case the value of the text parameter is empty after running Room Finishes, please check that the corresponding parameter analyzed (name, description...) is not empty for those bounding materials.
Be aware that the Room Finishes menu will be linked to the first Revit file where it was executed. If another file is opened in the same session and the Room Finishes plugin is not closed, it will still show the information of the first Revit file. To point to the right file, close Room Finishes and open it again in the desired Revit file.