Room Finishes Interface

The Room Finishes menu is composed of the following features:
  • 1 -> This is the menu where the specific information of the material of the bounding elements that is going to be reported is chosen. It can be any of the parameters included in any material in Revit and as long as it contains a value Room Finishes will report its value. Otherwise, if the value of the parameter is empty, it will report nothing. The parameters are:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Class
    • Comments
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • URL
    • Keynote
    • Mark
  • 2 -> This is the list of text parameters for rooms. From these list, only the text parameters created for finishes will need to be selected. To create these parameters check this link.
  • 3 -> This is the menu to select the finish parameters from Room Parameters menu (2). The material information from the bounding elements of the rooms will be written to the finish parameters selected, so that this information can be reported in a schedule.
  • 4 -> This is the menu to choose the levels where Room Finishes is going look for information about the materials of floors, walls and ceilings. This is very useful if the Revit file contains more than 50 rooms. For these cases, the Room Finishes plugin should be run level by level.
  • 5 -> This is the menu to choose which materials can be ignored from the finishes. Once Room Finishes has been executed once, this tool cannot be use to clear the values in a future session.
  • 6 -> This cell is to choose a separator character for those cases where there are more than one material applied to the same floor, wall or ceiling.
  • 7 -> These buttons are to save the settings created for future sessions within the same Revit file and to execute Room Finishes. After clicking on Save Settings the file should be saved or synchronized.
The correlation between the Select from Material Parameter menu (1) and the Identity parameters of the materials of the bounding elements of rooms can be seen in this image. However, bear in mind that the Keywords and Cost parameters are not included.