Welcome to Radar!

What is Radar?

Radar is a monitoring and quality control application for Revit models. It is composed of a Revit plugin that extracts reports from the Revit model and a standalone Dashboard that visualizes the reports. It allows to monitor the evolution of Revit models and control the implementation of the specific BIM standards, optimizing Revit workflows.

The Radar Revit plugin generates reports with the information extracted from Revit models. The Dashboard shows that information allowing the user to analyze one or several projects, so that the information of different models can be compared. These reports can be from models of the same or even different projects.

Although Radar is mainly oriented to BIM Managers, it can also be used by designers to check its own performance, as well as that of the team. The reports generated by the dashboards can be archived and exported to PDF, so that the quality control monitoring is extended to the whole process and not just a specific time.

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