Exporting to PDF

To export the dashboards to PDF click on the Save to PDF button. This can be done for the Comparison Report dashboard and the Project Report dashboard. Radar will automatically save the PDFs in the same folder that the user created for the reports. After clicking on the Save to PDF button, Radar will generate the message "Exported PDF!" on the bottom part of the screen to confirm that the PDF has been generated.
To check the PDF just click on the Open Profile Folder button and open the "exports" folder. In this folder, the user can find the latest PDFs for both types of dashboards, while in the automatically created "archive" folder, the older PDFs will be stored. In the "archive" folder the PDFs will be saved with the name of the dashboard and the date an time included in the name.
Be aware that when exporting Project Reports, having the Compact or the Expanded options activated will affect to the size of the PDF.