Central Settings

Central Settings in Radar controls how the profiles created with the dashboard are saved inside a .json file (“radar-dashboard-settings.json”), that works as a backup copy of the profiles created in case one of them is deleted or modified by mistake. Click on the Central Settings button to open the Central Settings Menu. To check the location of the .json file go to Open Settings Folder.

The user can choose to use the default “radar-dashboard-settings.json” file to manage the profiles or the file can be duplicated and saved in a specific folder. Independently of which option is chosen, click on the Link button and select the file to let Radar now that it will be used as the master file. The location of the “radar-dashboard-settings.json” will appear then on the Central Settings File menu.

The advantage of this is that by any reason anything is modified in the profiles accidentally, the next time Radar is opened, it will not contain those modifications. However, if the intention is to actually modify something in one of the profiles, like editing the ranges, just make the changes and in the Central Settings menu click on Overwrite Central Settings.

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