Welcome to Toolbox!
Below you will find the download links to all our products. Learn more by checking out the docs, or simply install and give them a quick spin!

Download Links

    Close all open Revit Instances
    Follow the instructions in the .msi
    Start Revit
    Close all open Rhino Instances
    Run the .exe
    Start Rhino and runGetMetricsTrial
    Install Grasshopper Plugin
    Run the .exe, installation will be silent
    Start Radar and point it to your project's sync reports
Toolbox currently works on Revit 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 & Rhino 7.

What is Toolbox?

Toolbox is our combined Revit and Rhino Toolbox, and is built so that you can turn off all tools you do not want to see. You can rename tabs and menus and make it your own.
Color Parameters from the Reope Toolbox

The Tools

Sample Files

You can download the sample files to test Night Runner, Color Parameters, Align Link, Scope Boxes, Alignments and Views by Scope Box here:
Toolbox Samples.rar
Toolbox Samples
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