Align Link


Align Link is a Revit plugin that moves, rotates and pins any IFC or RVT link in Revit based on the document's active shared coordinates, allowing for much easier open BIM workflows. Exists because Shared Coordinates with IFC files doesn't work.


Use the demo file (House 1.rvt) to try Align Link.

Before doing anything, make sure that the House1.ifc file is loaded in the Revit file.

Open the 3D View named "4. Align Link". Select the IFC file (it is the model on the right side of the view). To run Align Link go to Toolbox -> Utilities -> Align Link. This way you will place the link in the correct position. You can now pin it in that location, so that it is not wrongly misplaced again. However, if it happens, just use Align Link.

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