Activating Toolbox

Toolbox consists of free and subscription tools. To use the subscription tools, you will need to activate a trial or enter a valid license key, which can be obtained after setting up a subscription contract.

Starting a Trial

  1. Once you've opened Revit, find the "Toolbox" tab and select "Customize About".

  2. Press "Get a Trial"

  3. Enter your details

  4. Press "Get Trial" to start your trial

Trial Extension

Feel free to contact us at if you need more time to evaluate the automation tools. We can optionally issue a trial extension key to extend your trial. To use the key, go back to the "Get a trial" page. When your current trial has expired, you will see a new "Extend Trial" button:

Use the provided trial extension key and press "Activate":

Manual Activation

You will only need to do this if your IT department hasn't deployed Toolbox.

  1. Run the installer again.

  2. Press Next until you reach the User Information Page.

  3. Enter the supplied license key.

  4. Finalize the install process.

Automatic Activation

A license key will have a predefined number of concurrent activations. Toolbox will manage the activations and deactivations for you. When you open Revit, an activation will be borrowed only after you've used a subscription tool for the first time. Once you close Revit, the activation will be released and available for other users.

How to release an old manually activated permanent license

It was previously possible to permanently borrow a license on a computer. That proved impractical because once the limit of activations was met, you would not be able to activate further on a new computer, unless you freed up an existing activation from an old computer. If you still have an old manual permanent activation, you can deactivate it from the "Customize About" window, by pressing "Deactivate" and confirming.

You can then follow the activation steps above to move to the new activation system. Once done, activation and deactivation will be handled automatically and an activation will only be enabled once you've executed a tool and will be released once Revit is closed.

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