2. Color Parameters


Color Parameters is a Revit plugin that applies a color range to elements in your current view based on sets of parameter values, giving you faster access to better insights to your models., without the need to create or use filters.


Use the demo file (House 1.rvt) to try Color Parameters.

Open the 3D View named "2. Color Parameters". Go to Toolbox -> Utilities -> Color Parameters. Now you need to know the name of the parameter that you want to analyze in your project (category, type, level...)

Color Parameters also allows you to select only the elements that you are looking for inside that parameter.

Color Parameters also gives you suggestions to analyze parameters (you just have to right click on the Name tab)

You can even keep the display colors created by Color Parameters while you navigate in your model to compare different parameters. You can clear the color values later.

Be aware that you always write the name of the parameter correctly, because otherwise Color Parameters will not return any result.

Color Parameters can also highlight elements that contain specific values. To do this, type the name of the parameter and in the filter add the values that the plugin has to look for. To add several values follow this syntax: value1;value2;value3... Separate each value with a semicolon and do not include spaces.

Color Parameters can also exclude elements that contain specific values from the visualization. In Filter Action, select the Exclude option to ignore these items.


For information about Color Parameters go to this link.

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