For Admins

Deploying plugins company-wide can be a grueling task. We're doing our best to simplify the process. This is why our installer now supports installation time parameters. You can set them up during your deployment process or with a simple BAT file created in the same folder as the installer. Here is an example BAT content:

ToolBox.exe /verysilent /ALLUSERS /license=<--YOUR LICENSE KEY--> /revittab=<--YOUR COMPANY ACRONYM--> /revitpanel=<--A PANEL NAME--> /dokkid=<--CUSTOM DOKK ID--> /COMPONENTS="Revit\2021,Revit\2022,Revit\2023,Revit\2024,Radar"
  • we've switched to inno setup for our distributions

  • Call the installer executable (usually Toolbox.exe)

  • You can call it with /verysilient for no ui or /silent for a minimal ui

  • parameters start with "/" and are separated by space

Parameter NameDescription


Add this parameter to make sure that the licensing information is accessible to all users. You will need to add this parameter if your deployment system installs software through an admin account


The name of the Toolbox tab for all your users. The default value is "Toolbox".


The name of the default utility panel hosting the standalone tools. The default value is "Utilities".


The license key that has been issued to your organization. There is no default value :)


Subscribe to a custom dokk distribution channel. The default value is "PUBLIC"


Customize the parts of toolbox you would like to install. To install everything use: "Revit\2019,Revit\2020,Revit\2021,Revit\2022,Revit\2023,Radar"

The plugin will be installed in: C:\ProgramData\Reope\Toolbox\ The individual Revit manifest files will be installed in: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\

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