1. Night Runner


Night Runner is a Revit plugin that makes families, types and settings from multiple Revit files identical, saving time in the synchronization process of those files. Check out what Night Runner does and why it exists on our website: reope.com/nightrunner. Night Runner exploits the possibility of using one file to control all the files in the same project.


Use the demo files (House 1.rvt, House 4.rvt, House 5.rvt and Type File.rvt) to try Night Runner.

Open the following files: "House 1.rvt" (located in the main folder) and also "Type File.rvt", "House 4..rvt" and "House 5.rvt" (located in the subfolder "1_Night Runner"). In the "House 1.rvt" file you might need to hide or remove the linked model to see the view properly; or even better, align it using Align Link. Once you open all of them use the tile windows arrangement (WT command in Revit) so that you can see all files at the same time and the ZA command to set the proper zoom in all windows. Make sure that your windows have an arrangement similar to this one, so that you can fully appreciate how Night Runner works.

The "Type File.rvt" is the file that contains the information of the whole project. With Night Runner the information in this file can be exported to all the files that are being used to work with the project so that families, types and settings are consistent. At the same time, Night Runner allows you that the changes that have been done in one of the files that are being used in the project ("House 1.rvt", "House 4.rvt" and "House 5.rvt" in this case) can be incorporated in the "Type File.rvt", so that they can be later added to the rest of the files.

Modify several working files from one Type File

Now you have to set the Night Runner settings for the following case: homogenizing all models so that they follow the standards set in the "Type File.rvt". For this, in the "Type File.rvt" go to Toolbox -> Night Runner -> Settings. In the Push & Pull tab, there are some files highlighted as red in the Stored Type Files, click on Modify and select the files that have the corresponding name in the "1_Night Runner" folder. Also, choose the folder where the report is going to be saved in Push & Pull Report Repository. Do not forget to click on Save (it will turn green when it is done).

Now, inside the "Type File.rvt" file, go to the Night Run tab and click on Push. Then select Materials and Walls, as those are the elements that have been modified in "House 1.rvt", "House 4.rvt" and "House 5.rvt". After selecting Materials and Walls, check the option of Push to Many (bottom right corner) and in the following window click on Select All. In this way, you will make sure that all files in the project are following the correct standards.

Modify one working file from Type File

Note that you can also do the same for just one file. In this case, before clicking on Push, select in the drop-down menu the file whose elements you want to modify according to "Type File.rvt". For this example, we have used "House 4.rvt".

It is also possible, that whenever you are in one of the working files, you can copy the standards of the "Type File.rvt" without opening this file. For this you need to make sure that you are working with the correct settings. Link the Type File to the corresponding file ("House 5.rvt" in this case) in your folder and also set the path for the report in the Push & Pull Repository.

Now click on the Pull option of the Night Runner tab and select Materials and Walls. Then click on Pull.

Modify the Type File from one working file

You can also have the opposite situation: from a working file, you want change the standards of the "Type File.rvt". For this, first, you have to modify the Settings in the Night Runner tab. Set the correct Type File in the Stored Type File and also the correct folder in the Push & Pull Report Repository. As we already did this before for "House 4.rvt", let's use this file.

Now in the drop-down menu you only have one option (Type File), then click on Push and select the parameters and elements that you to change in the "Type File.rvt" file: materials and walls. Then hit on Push.


For information about Night Runner go to this link.

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